Friday, July 24, 2009

Store Review

I recently won a gift card to Tarabelle's and was delighted at the selection and great service I received. Being a Ebay member myself, I know how important it is to get out the merchandise quickly. I received the items I ordered in record time and in perfect condition.

These are the two skirts I ordered and if you are a Gymboree fan you know how expensive it can be to
purchase a wardrobe from them. Tarabelle's has one of the largest selections I have come by with over 3000 items to choose from and with prices you cant beat. Having five girls to shop for this school year is one of my biggest concerns as a mother. You want your kids to be dressed well and with this many kids, its going to be hard.
I will be using Tarabelle's Store to do more shopping for my girls this school year. Her prices are way below the price you would spend in store and if your looking for customer service that is genuine and kind, then this is defiantly the place to shop. I am not joking when I tell you I received my items in two days after ordering them and I am so impatient when I order things in the mail. I cant wait for them to come and when these Items showed up on my front porch without me having to ask where is the stuff I ordered, I knew this would be my hot spot this school season. Tarabelle's has over 5000 feedback received and holds a power seller status with 100% positive feedback. In the Ebay world this is a perfect score and you cant get better service and product then this. I hope you will all visit Tarabelle's after reading this review and hopefully comment back on some of the awesome things you found in her store.
Thank You Tarabelle's for the wonderful products and fantastic customer care..
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  1. I have also worked with Tarabelle's and everything you have said in this post is true. Great clothing and great prices...and a great mom behind the scenes.