Monday, July 27, 2009

Continued: Harry Potter to the Hospital

So I left off with my friend Beverly telling me to go ask one of my husbands crew from the Coast Guard to help me out. This was of course embarrassing to have to ask my husbands work to help me out but I did and the little gentleman that helped me out was so sweet I wanted to squeeze his cheeks till his face popped. Any way, he now tries to pull the gas can out of the gas tank and becomes just as baffled as I was about how this gas can got stuck in the first place. I mean who do you even call in a situation like this? Its not like they have a 1-800 service for gas cans stuck in gas tanks...So the little guy runs back to the station to grab a butter knife to hopefully pry out the nozzle but after a few attempts at this it fails and I am running through my head who in the heck do you call for something like this?.. He says to me, I think I need something smaller to fit in to the hole and so I recommended a toothpick. My daughter ran to Beverly's to fetch a toothpick after she let me know that she would like to do a cheer for me with the letters "D" "U" "M" "B".. I couldn't help but laugh because she has a crazy sense of humor like myself but I told her she was lucky at this moment that she decided to keep her cheer to
She returned with a plastic toothpick and the little gentleman was able to pry the can out of the tank with this little green toothpick. I held the toothpick in my hands and shouted in the air like a Frankenstein movie "I'm a GENIUS.." And then I petted the toothpick saying " I love you Little Toothpick" You can only make jokes in a situation like this because what really is the point of getting angry. There is not one, you make do with what you are dealt and roll with the punches. I believe every hard moment is just another chance to make yourself stronger and make the adventure more fun.
I hugged the Coast Guard Boy with a huge bear hug saying "THANK YOU" a few times. You should have seen his face. I know he wasn't quite sure if his boss's wife should be hugging
This day and the few days after turned out to be very trying as my husband returned home from surgery with a Stent in his Kidney and as the next few days proved to be trying. I gritted my teeth and hung in there hoping my husband would start feeling better because if I had to deal with his crankiness for much longer, I would have gotten a motel.
I'm sorry but I have five kids and it seems every time your husband gets sick he becomes another child, depending on me for his every need. I'm not complaining about being needed by him but I know when I get sick, he still has to go to work and I still have to get out of bed and take care of everything.
For instance, I sprained my ankle on my second daughters 4th birthday and it swelled ten times its normal size. They half casted it and sent me home, but what seemed to amaze me was that even though I couldn't walk my husband couldn't get the time off to take care of me. I had a 7,4 and 1 year old plus a brand new baby who was only 3 months old. I ended up taking the cast off, bringing in a wagon so that I could push my self down the hall in the wagon while carrying my new baby. It was insane, and that was another one of those moments I didn't think I was going to make it through with a full head of hair intact.
So, my husband had his Stent removed and he returned back to work this morning. Thank you God, it was defiantly scary there for a while but I am so blessed that he had a great recovery.

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