Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter to the Hospital

This week has been one of those weeks that fly by and you wonder how you made it through it without a mental breakdown. It was crazy from the get go, and still the drama replays over and over in my head like a bad movie flick.
So let me tell you how it started and hold on to your seats because its a wild roller coaster of fun, laughter, sarcasm and tears..AHHHHH
Let me tell you about the weekend before first when we went and saw "The Night at the Museum." I will be doing a review on this movie as well.. Any way, when we were at the movie theatre we saw this huge display of the new movie 2012 where the scene was a huge city sinking into the ocean.. As a christian I know that the world is not going to end on December 21st 2012 because Jesus says, I will come like a thief in the night, no one will know the day nor the hour. If you think about what Jesus says here its pretty clear that he didn't say that the world is going to end December 21,2012 but this is a good scare tactic to get the world scared enough to go out and buy stuff they don't need to prepare for the end of the world. Example: Remember the Y2K when the end of the world was suppose to happen in the year 2000.
So my husband was raised in a family that believes Jesus does not exist and mocks who ever says any different. My husband new nothing about Jesus until he met me and the journey to his salvation has been a long one even though every step has been in progress.
Because of this movie display for 2012 my husband gets scared and worries that he will have to watch his children die in a huge massive wave, "Being in the Coast Guard and driving boat in 40 foot seas, you can imagine how scary this looked to him.
To make a longer story short, My husband said the sinners prayer and became saved last weekend. Now his mission is to take this short life we have and make it count, he wants to spend every moment enjoying the little moments instead of waiting for the next big moment.
Now every Sunday we will be going to see a movie together as a family and this weekend he had planned the whole weekend out. Saturday we would go see Harry Potter ( I will be reviewing this movie as well) then Saturday night we were going to a pirate party on the docks with some friends he knows through work and finally Sunday we would be going to Fenway Park for a tour put on by the USO a military sponsored program.
So Monday after this wonderful weekend spent with my family my husband calls and says he is on his way home from a meeting but isn't feeling well. For those of you that remember my last post when my husband was in the hospital for Kidney stones, It was just the beginning for the quake.
My daughter Ryann is going to home to stay with my mom for a few weeks and she leaves on Tuesday, so after my husband got home I took her to the store to get what she needed for the flight home. I was gone longer then I wanted to be and when I walked in the door I found my husband on the bathroom floor shaking, sweating and vomiting.
I dropped everything and ran in the bathroom to him and found him in a state of shock. I had to quickly change him out of his uniform into civilian clothing and call 911.
They rushed him to the hospital and I got my girls dressed and out the door driving to the hospital not far behind the ambulance.
My crazy neighbor who lives in the church next door had my oldest daughter with her so I had to leave a note telling them where I went. The reason we call her the crazy lady who lives in the church is because she is just like me, Doesn't fit in with the norm, loves to laugh and doesn't attend the PTA...HA
Any who, when I arrived at the hospital my husband was worse then when I just saw him 30 minutes prior. I actually thought that he was going to die that night and I watch as he became colder, pale and shaking uncontrollably.
There was a moment that I thought I couldn't stand there and watch this anymore, I didn't want to watch my husband die and I had seen death enough to know I didn't want to see it again.
Thank goodness he had said that he wanted to sleep and I took the girls home to feed them and check in on Destiny who was still with the crazy lady next door.. By the way her name is Beverly and I love her dearly..
When I got to Beverly's her and her husband had made us dinner so that I wouldn't have to cook. She then told me that she would take Ryann to the airport in the morning for me, which was now a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I didn't know how I was going to get everything done by myself and get back to the hospital. My husband called and told me that they were admitting him and that he would be going in for surgery in the morning. Yeah me, now you can imagine what a wreck I was.
I decided to stay home with the girls and return in the morning for his surgery. Okay now here is where it gets comical. Beverly shows up at 6 in the morning to take Ryann to the airport for me and when I went outside I saw a car that was not hers. I said, who's car is that...?
She said, that's my Lemo!
What...Are you serious I responded..
Yep, I'm not driving to the airport in this weather.. Which it was raining..
She is so funny, she makes me laugh. She treated my oldest two daughters to a lemo ride to the airport.
After waiting to hear from my husband she had returned with my oldest Daughter and I had been getting ready to go to the hospital. I drove my car next door and parked on the hill so I could thank her for taking them to airport for me.
When I returned to my car Destiny had turned it off so she could run to the bathroom before we left and when I got back in and started it, it wouldn't start. OH MY GOODNESS are you serious...
My car had run out of gas and now I was standing in the rain with a small can of gas we use for the lawn mower.
All I needed was enough to get it started and make it to the gas station. It was because I was sitting on the hill and all the little gas I did have had sat in the front of the tank not allowing it to disperse through the lines.
SOOOO, I go to pull the gas can out of the tank and it is now stuck. OH MY GOODNESS AGAIN,
It would not come out at all and I looked up into the sky and started laughing hysterically on the verge of breaking down into a fit of tears..
I had never run into a scenario like this so I had no idea who to even call about a gas can stuck in my gas tank. Beverly comes out of her house and looks at me and then looks at the tank, then looking back at me again.
She says, I don't know what to tell you, I cant help you and I have no one here that can help. She then said run to the coast guard station and get one of the guys to help.
Normally, I don't like asking guys for help because their is not much a guy can do that I cant do as well, and under the circumstances I had to swallow my pride and go ask for help.
I have to go for a little bit but I will be back with the rest of the story..
Besides its getting a little long

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