Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shark Steam Cleaner Review

I just bought this Shark Steam Cleaner and I have never been so pleased. I have tried others and came up no less then disappointed. I wanted to share this review with you all because I was sceptical about purchasing this cleaner and now that I have I think all mother should have one.
If I can give this cleaner 5 stars***** and two thumbs up I would. It is completely amazing in every aspect and I am going to tell you why.
I love that this has an exceptionally long cord, so there is no stopping, unplugging and finding a new outlet every few steps. I also am in love with the micro fiber reusable pads (it came with five) because it was a no brainier to use them. They have Velcro on them and all you need to do is throw it on the floor and place your steamer on it, "seriously it was that easy." The other steam cleaner had these pads that wrapped around the bottom and then you had to tie them on. It was a complete pain in the but.
The water tank is very small on this machine which concerned me when I first filled it with water. Then I mopped two rooms with it before I had to refill it again. It uses approximately about 10 oz of water and I really was amazed that it cleaned so much area before running out of water. When I did have to refill it I unplugged it because I was afraid it would backfire steam when I unscrewed the lid to refill it and I was literally shocked when no steam backfired out of the tank. I cant tell you how many times I actually burned myself on the other steam cleaner I had when I tried to refill it. To top it off I help the steamer in one hand by the stick as I filled it, yes I did because it was so light. It was 8 pounds and as lightweight as it is I can say that is packed with power.
Okay, now the coolest thing about this machine is that it has no trigger to release the steam, so there are no finger cramps half way threw.. When you push the steamer forward the stick releases the steam from the tank and it is as easy as pushing a small sweeper mop but sanitizes with the steam.
I really cant say enough about the Shark steamer except you have to try it to believe it and with it costing around 99.00 dollars at most stores, you can find it at BJ's, Costco and possibly Sams club for almost half the price. I got mine for 69.00 dollars at BJ's.
Being a mother of five young daughters, I need easy to use products that do a superb job without the hassle of complicated instructions. This is the product that all moms need to keep floors clean especially the bathrooms and kitchen..
If you don't have a wholesale store near you try, comparing prices at Walmart, K-Mart, and Target first. Here is the link to the Shark website so you can see the features for yourself.
Shark Steam Cleaner

Please leave comments if you already have the Shark Steamer and what you think of it. Also if you do decide to buy this machine and have an opinion about how much you like it, please leave a comment.

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  1. I am happy I ready this, I love steam cleaning and would love to have a floor cleaner, thank you for the review, it was helpful!

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