Friday, May 22, 2009

Its On, like Donkey KONG

So I found my motivation to lose weight. And so I say again, Its On, like Donkey KONG.. I have been struggling since my first post to lose the weight I have gained since moving 3000 miles from home. Here on the East Coast they have every ice cream you can ever imagine.. I really never liked ice cream till moving here and the heat gave me an excuse to eat it.

I originally lost almost thirty pounds right before we moved here and now I gained it back plus twenty more. I think I was on a new diet, "lets see how fat I can get.."

As for my motivation, it came to me last night when the baby sitter arrived to babysit so we could go to the Red Sox game for my husbands birthday,. She works with my husband and she was not the one who babysat when we went to dinner the other night.
When she first arrived at the station for duty, I asked my husband if she was pretty and of course like every good husband, he said, No. So I was cool with that, because as long as I know she is not pretty then I should have nothing to worry about.

Normally I am not a jealous person, but since I have gained the weight I am much more insecure and I worry I am going to lose my husband to a skinny, younger women. Don't get me wrong, I believe by husband loves me with all his soul, and we are sincerely soul mates, but when your overweight you cant help but worry about how your husband may perceive your weight gain.

So any who, I was all ready to go and I was outside watering my flowers when she arrived. I turned around and before I saw her face, I saw her cleavage. She was wearing a pretty tank top with her boobs pushed together and up, my first reaction was to start smacking her boobs and send her home crying,.

Who shows up at their bosses house with her boobies hanging out? I was so flabbergasted by this, it took me a while to notice her face and when I did I found she was actually pretty.. NOT Hot, but pretty and the first thing my six year old said was, " Your pretty."

I then would have rather stayed home with my girls, then go to the Red Sox game. When showing her around the house there was point when I was following behind her and I noticed the white cargo pants she was wearing were almost see through and she was either wearing no panties or a thong. I was not sure why she would dress so sexy to come watch 5 little girls but I was not impressed at all.

I can guarantee I wont be asking her to babysit again. Unfortunately the girls had a great time, but all I could think of was the movie Big Momma 2 with Martin Lawrence, when he goes and applies to for the Nanny position. He notices the pretty blond with huge boobs and says to her, you must tan naked because you have no tan lines, and then asked why she doesn't work for her last employer any more. It was because they were divorced after having her as a Nanny..

The other day before my husband and I went to Costco, this infomercial came on for this new exercise machine. It actually looks really fun, and so I ordered it, and now I am just waiting on the arrival of it. I am not sure the name but I will tell you how it works and the name when it gets here but the cool thing was, they guarantee you will lose 10 pounds in two weeks while just doing three minutes a day. I figure if I do 30 minutes a day, I will have lost all my weight in one week... Now that rocks..

Knowing that goal is unrealistic but fun to think about let me tell you about this machine. Its up off the floor and its an angled disk with handle bars. You put your hands on the bars and then place your knees in the knee holders that are located at the bottom of the disk. You move your knees from one side to the other while holding on to the bars. It is suppose to be equal to doing 100 sit ups in 3 minutes while getting your cardio. I don't know how well this is going to work but since my problem area is my stomach after having five kids, I am praying this works because I hate doing sit ups.

My problem with weight loss this time, is I love food. So what I am hoping is that if any of you have any ideas about things I can cook that are low in carbs, low in saturated fat and sugar I would so greatly appreciate it.

I am the worst at thinking of new things to cook. I usually cook the same thing because I know its healthy and I don't have to worry about reading everything just so I can cook it.

I had been meaning to add my food list to this blog but have not found the time to do so, but I am hoping we can maybe switch food ideas and help each other out.

I also wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments, kind words and most of all for following my blog. When I first started this blog I couldn't imagine that anyone would be interested in what I had to say but if I can make you laugh and bring some sunshine to your day then it is all worth it.


  1. Good Luck with the losing of the weight. I've struggles since kids and quitting smoking. I have done this to help me. I eat oatmeal, or cold cereal for breakfast, serving of fruit and 2 cups of coffee. Lunch is a sandwich. Turkey, onion lettuce, side salad and fruit. Yes all healthy! Dinner I eat whatever we cook. And its never healthy! Remember its all about portion control. Drink a large glass of water before you eat and snack healthy during the day. Good luck! And if you drink pop try to get that out of your diet. I drink one can of caff free diet pepsi a day.

  2. I have read all your postings, sorry I did not get to it sooner, I love them. I am also lucky...because I can picture the kids doing and saying the things they do. Thanks for inviting me. Can't wait to hear how the new crunch thing works for you. It sounds complicated...