Sunday, May 10, 2009

How poor people spend money..

So... funny thing is, it could not be a more beautiful day for mothers day. The sun is shinning, wind blowing and the sun delicately touches my face. My girls are playing without much fighting and my husband is finishing the floor up stairs and here I sit writing this blog. I want Barbecued chicken, potatoes salad and corn on the cob for dinner, easy right.. Except I need more things for this dinner.
I decided to go out with my youngest and get the rest of these things for dinner but my husband couldn't find his wallet so I had to make due with what I had in my purse. On one card I have 9 dollars, 15 on the other and 40 dollars in cash and minus 50 on another card. Seems easy enough I know but not for a family of 7. I had a empty tank of gas and by the way, gas prices didn't stay low enough, long enough for me.
I put 10 dollars in my gas tank, bought charlie some popcorn and gum. I am now down to 6.00 out of one of my twenty's.. were still good right?
So we get to shop and stop and I get what I need and proceed to the self check out because what I am about to do is kind of embarrassing. I buy the corn, eggs and butter with my card that had 9 dollars on it.. "that's gone." Then I buy the coffee and corn holders with the card that has 15 dollars on it .."that's gone." Then I use cash to buy the Coffee creamer,potatoes and barbecue sauce.. After all is done I have 26 dollars left but I forgot to get something to drink for the girls. I stopped at the convenient store and picked up a 12 pack of sprite and you can estimate how much I have left.
One reason I can be happy about being poor is that God provides me with what I need and nothing more. I am humble and happy with what I have and I can say the same for my kids. If I come home with a piece of Gum out of a gumball machine because the quarter was the only thing I had left, I can honestly say they would be content.
Another great thing about being poor is that I want more, but I don't get disappointed when I don't get it, I also have the next paycheck to look forward to. If I didn't have that I think I would get board, and it gives me a goal to reach.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to have matching sheets and bed spreads for my kids or enough money that I didn't have to always say no to my kids. But what we want is not as important as what we need and if at the end of the day my kids have full tummy's, a warm bed to sleep in and the love of God what else is there really?


  1. Beautiful :) Its not all about fancy linens... I still remember the cool clean sheets I had as a kid. And they werent designer. but they were 'home'


  2. Thank you for that...
    Home is where the heart is and its wonderful being a mother of 5 beautiful daughters..

  3. Wow, very touching and completely humbling. I really needed that. Thanks and I hope you had a very loving Mothers Day.