Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tag I'm It!!

So I just got tagged by "My four Monkeys" and what I'm suppose to do is add the sixth picture from my photo album and then add a description to it but my sixth picture is a bow so I'm going to choose this picture instead.
This is our family at a tour of Fenway Park. My husband is on top of the world here and if he could just pitch a tent and stay forever he would be in heaven. Poor guy out numbered
6 to 1.... Also the top of this picture was autographed by Johny Pesky who use to play for the Red Sox. The Yellow pole behind us in the background was actually named after Johny Pesky. He was outside signing autographs and I had just got a ice cream cone with my girls. When I asked him to sign my hat he mentioned that my ice cream looked good. I asked him if he would like a bite and so now my most memorable moment at Fenway was that Johny Pesky not only signed my hat but he had a bite of my ice cream.

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  1. I have purchased bows from Roxy and they are too cute. Very well made and the way she puts her colors together just makes these bows unmistakeably her creation. You will adore the bows and they are great gifts.