Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ab Circle Review

For those of you that remember me telling you about the exercise machine I ordered, Its the Ab circle and I absolutely love it. When it says that all you need to do is use it 3 minutes a day, they were not joking.
Immediately after using the ab circle my abs were feeling it, but the greatest thing about this machine was that it did not only work out my abs. It took a lot of upper body strength as well to keep this moving and so I ended up working out my arms, chest and back.
I also set the clock for three minutes and when I did so I didn't think that was going to be enough time to benefit any but what I found was that the continuous motion from side to side worked my abs more then straining sit ups that we all hate.
Another feature I liked about the Ab Circle was that it has a small removable bar that you can take out so that the arms of the machine swing out and you can then also work your butt and thighs. It was easy to do, no mechanical skills were necessary to make this machine work and that's what I love about it.
My lower abs are the hardest for me to work out, especially after having five children but the Ab circle made it so that I worked out even the stomach muscles I normally cant do by doing normal sit ups.
I have tried every machine out there and I have all of them in my basement to prove it but I will defiantly be using this every day to get the results I want.
It also provided me with a cardio workout that I also did not expect when I purchased this item, so my plan is to work out an extra minute each day to get to my 30 minutes of Cardio needed to lose weight.
The abs are the only muscles that you can work out everyday since our core muscles are what hold us up and do all the work. So using this machine daily will benefit my core muscles and give me the cardio time I need.
I would recommend this product to anyone and if you need more information on viewing and possibly purchasing this item, I have attached the sites link below.

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