Sunday, June 14, 2009

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I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed to use the bathroom. The instant bouncing out of bed didn't do me any good and I then began thinking about it. I laid back down to close my eyes for a few minutes and realized when I opened them I immediately had the urge to stretch. It felt so good all over my body and I wanted to continue stretching. I then had to find out why we stretch in the morning and why it feels so good, I began looking it up on line and found that the need to stretch is a wonderful thing.
We lay motionless for several hours causing our normal blood flow to pool in our muscles, once we start stretching it forces the blood flow in a high pressure manor back to our heart. I am assuming the fast pace the blood flows back through our veins is what causes the pleasurable feeling throughout our muscles.
I loved watching my babies stretch when they woke, their backs arched and their little limbs tightened as their faces became all wrinkled. I also see my cats do it when they wake up but it seems cats have a better concept of how the body works. When they wake up they stretch each limp one at a time till they are in a standing position and their back arches to complete the stretch.
Since we live in a society that is high paced, always going, never stopping even to eat. I think we take for granted the little things our bodies tell us and we end up not being healthy. If you don't want varicose veins, I suggest you start stretching and taking brisk walks. Come to find out varicose veins are caused from limited activity and then this high pressure blood flow to your limbs. It stretches out the veins causing them to become week and then forming the beautiful thing called a varicose vein. I don't know about you, but I don't want this to happen to my legs and if that's not enough motivation for me to get off my but and exercise I don't know what else would be.
So my tip for the day is, Take a few minutes in the morning to allow the blood to reach all your muscles and your heart. Not only does it feel good but it will benefit your body. Also take 30 minutes a day to take a walk to avoid those unsightly blue veins that we all dread. Also walking increases oxygen to your blood.
While searching why we stretch I also found out why we yawn. I originally thought it was because I was tired. Nope, it is due to carbon dioxide build up in your blood. This sends a a signal to your lungs resulting in a yawn. Lack of oxygen can cause you to be tired so when your feeling sluggish and start yawning frequently, remember to take some deep breaths through your nose to restore the oxygen levels in your blood.
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  1. I love hearing about things thatmake us heart healthy and am too lazy to do the research, so keep it coming.