Friday, September 18, 2009

We Love Colors Review

We love Colors...
I love this place and when I found this company I new I needed every pair of tights in every color and every style. I have five daughters as you all know and I love my girls to be unique and individuals. Since we live in a small town and shopping at unique places are far and few between, I needed something that made them different from everyone else. Maybe because when I was a child I was different, and I had to be the one that stood out in the crowed. I don't think much has We love colors allows me to mix and match outfits and colors for my girls. They have every color and style imaginable from solids, stripes to splashes o
f color. I have two daughters that I call my free spirits, they like to dress in what makes them feel comfortable and nothing short of being fashionable. I wouldn't consider their clothing options to be fashionable but I just sit back and laugh at how unique their personalities really are and they show it in what they wear. My daughter Saylor who is five needs to layer everything, She wears jeans with her dresses.. I know that cant look good," right?" Well it doesn't look that bad and I just have to laugh because sometimes she wears plaid pants under a polka dot dress with striped socks. That's why this company works for our family so well. No matter what personality or style, We Love Colors has something for each of my girls. The best way to see what I am talking about is to head on over to We Love Colors and check it our for yourself. If you do end up buying something from them, please come back and comment for me. Thank you to We Love Colors for the wonderful tights and for allowing me to do this review for you,,
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