Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rama Warrior Meditation Chair Review

Zen By Design
Rama Warrior Meditation Chair

I know that all mothers have the hardest time relaxing and finding the time for ourselves is at the bottom of our list. I wanted to review this chair because I wanted to be able to create a time that was just for me. No kids, no husband and complete relaxation. Can a chair do that? I asked myself this question and I was completely amazed when I found the answer to be yes. But first let me say that there are a lot of products out there but there are few that are backed by honest, good people. The president of Zen by Design contacted me himself and what I found was an amazing man behind the scenes. He genuinely cared about me, what I wanted and that I was completely happy with the product. I told him that I wanted the micro swede fabric in chocolate with a light colored wood and that is what he did. This chair was made just for me and I couldn't be happier.
Let me tell you a little about the Rama Warrior Chair and why it works. This chair was specially designed for relaxation and complete body comfort. With the lumbar support placed in the precise spot at the small of the back creating an amazing sensation of comfort, balance and support. I know, how does a chair do that? Well, my husband is a manly man and he does not sit Criss Cross Applesauce "as my girls would say!" and I found him in our room sitting just like this on my new Rama Warrior chair. He said to me," I cant believe how comfortable this chair really is and how relaxed I actually feel sitting in it. The greatest feature of this chair is the tilting feature, it allows you to tilt the chair forward to create the perfect curve in your lumbar spine.Having stress in my lower back every day I sometimes feel like it could break in two, but this chair has relieved the stress to my lower back and the seat cushion is the perfect size for anyone. I actually sit comfortably on this seat with room to spare and I can not even begin to express the softness of this cushion, " Except my bottom does not get sore sitting in it for long periods of time." I think every mother should have one of these chairs! We as mothers forget that without our sanity we can not be good mothers. We need a little down time from crazy everyday issues that arise and spending time in this chair is the perfect way to do that. Even if its only twenty minutes a day, we need to find the time to relax and try to be stress free for our families. My daughter always says, "Dad may be the Head of the house but you are the neck and you can change the direction he turns his head." Isn't that true!! As much as our husbands would like to think that they are the strongest and the king of the house, without us mothers everything would fall apart. For those of you who are saying that you cant find twenty minutes because you work, they also have the Wandering Monk chair. This chair has all the features of the big chair, but its light weight and can fold up to take wherever you go. So now having a moment to yourself can be as easy as this and weigh less the five pounds. This chair is also designed for any body type up to 6'4" and can even be great for the kids on the go. Another thing I love about this company is that they use the highest quality of fabrics and wood when making these chairs. You can have your chair designed to fit your personality or lifestyle. I chose the micro fiber suede because I need durability with five kids but you can chose the silk in beautiful colors that will last a life time. Zen by Design has made me a happy mother of five and I know they can do the same for you.
I would love to hear back from my readers on what fabrics are your favorite and what you do to try and beat the stresses of being a mother.

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You will not be disappointed!!!

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  1. very interesting I may have to check this out with all my stress.