Sunday, September 6, 2009


Don't forget to enter into the Sippy Cup and $25.00 gift Card from So Chic Boutique.
Its almost over and you still have a chance to win one of her Personalized Sippy cups and 25 dollars to spend in her store. Check out some of the great items she has to offer.
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This personalized bath time towel is a wonderful gift Idea.

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All siblings need a little something to make them feel special when a new baby is born and I know this from experience. Having five daughters and trying to fit the new arrival in without making the other children excluded is one of the hardest things when a new sibling comes. So Chic Boutique has several items to make the big, middle, and little sibling feel just as important.
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Also I love custom boutique clothing and this outfit is a must have for any little girl and with the gift card eligible for winning you can use it towards purchasing this outfit.

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There are so many awesome and unique Ideas for making every little child feel special so head on over to So chic Boutique and then come back and comment on what items you would like to have from this store. There is no need to just mention one when they are all so great.
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