Monday, August 3, 2009

Transformers 2 Movie Review

I know, I'm late watching this movie but I can say that it was GREAT. I love action packed, humorous and suspenseful movies. This has all three including Shia Labeouf whom I have watched since he starred in the Disney Sitcom Even Stevens. I remember saying that he would be a great actor because as stupid as he was in Even Stevens, he made me laugh.
I also loved the first Transformers movie and it was more kid friendly then the second. Transformer's 2 has more sexual innuendo then the first, so I would recommend watching it before you decide to let your kids watch it.
The mother and father in this movie were fantastically funny and it made the movie just that much better. Though Shia Labeouf can steal the spotlight of any movie he plays in, I would have to say that the short comical clips they threw in of the parents were a masterpiece in itself. This defiantly is a movie I will be buying on DVD and recommending to friends and family..

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