Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kids Say and Do the Darnest Things..

I wanted to add this to my blog because I have five kids that are so funny. I sometimes forget all the funny things they say so I want to share them with you and when I need a good laugh I can come back and read it myself. Let me introduce you to my oldest daughter first.
Destiny is of course the one on the left who is posing with my youngest daughter Charlie. They actually ended up taking my Camera into the Bathroom at Fenway Park and started having a photo shoot in the Bathroom. Any way Destiny is my amazing, hard headed, funny child. She is twelve years old and the mouth of an adult. So moving from the west to the east was probably the hardest thing Destiny has had to do in her 12 years of life and since we have moved to the west we have moved three times, so that's three different schools. Destiny has found it extremely hard to make friends, not that she hasn't made friends but finding that one friend that is a true friend is what has been the hardest. Those type of friends are usually found when we are young and since we move so much she has had a hard time making that connection with someone. Any who Destiny asked me why I loved her obviously needing some reassurance. At the time I was painting the living room and trying to keep the little ones out of the paint. I asked her if we could discuss this later because I needed to concentrate on painting. Later that day she comes to me and says that she really does not want to go back to school and so I of course told her its going to be okay and she is going to make new friends. What she said made me laugh... She says, Mom... I don't fit in with the nerds and I don't fit in with the cool kids, so where do I fit in? I just started laughing and said that's why I love you. Destiny is so in tune to people, and she knows who she isn't but not quite sure who she is yet. She thinks way above her age and the things that come out of her mouth sometimes just amazes me. I wish she could find that one true friend but until then I guess she'll just have to make do with me. So I wanted to also tell you something funny she did.. Now remember she is a Jonas Brother Junkie and if I could find a way for her to meet Nick Jonas I would do it in a heart beat. So she has several posters of Nick Jonas but this one day I was coming up the stairs to go to my room when I glanced behind me and saw a guy laying in her bed. I nearly jumped out of my skin and took the ninja fighting stance, ready to kick but. Then I realized she had laid a poster of Nick Jonas in her bed with his head propped on a pillow. I nearly died of a heart attack, she had made a spot in her bed for Nick to lay. I said to her, do you need a check up from the neck up and she just started laughing. See Destiny is a lot like me and loves to make people laugh so doing odd things like this is normal for her.
So lets meet Ryann. We pronounce her name like Ryan the boys name but spelt it that way so if she felt like changing it to a girl pronunciation she could. Ryann reminds me of myself when I was young because she is such a procrastinator.. If Ryann is told to do something and she then comes up missing "Check the Bathroom,," Ryann always seems to have to go number 2 anytime she is told to clean or do her chores. The funny thing is I just took her to the doctor because her stomach was bothering her and they sent us over for ex rays. Come to find out she is backed up and needs to go the bathroom more. I started laughing because as often as she says she using the bathroom, she hasn't been. This is probably not the story Ryann would like me to tell about her but if I didn't you wouldn't get her. She is very kind hearted but the laziest of all my kids. I would have to say the funniest thing she has said to me is, once when I was going to the store I had to come back home because I forgot my shoes. I know that doesn't make sense that someone would forget there shoes but I hate wearing shoes and only wear them when I am going out somewhere that I know I am going in. Any way Ryann says to me, Do you want me to tell you where they are? I said sure, that would help.. And she replied seriously, Go to the hall closet, take a left then a right and start digging. I never laughed so hard. She had just given me directions to my shoes and she was serious..
So lets meet Tori, she is my 3rd daughter and the little odd ball of the family. She looks nothing like her sisters but looks exactly like me when I was her age. My mom says its like looking at me all over again. Tori is also one of my daughters that is on the Autism spectrum and makes me laugh the most because she takes everything so seriously and doesn't understand normal body language, gestures or demeanor. Tori has me going in every direction and most of the time I think she is on a roller coaster herself and she doesn't know where the breaks are. Like I said Tori takes everything seriously even though she has a great sense of humor. The other day in the car Tori ask me what a Sandwich is made of? I thought to myself what a odd question because she eats a sandwich quite often. So I responded with, bread, meat, cheese anything that you would like to put on a Sandwich. She says, No I mean what is a sandwich made of?
Now trying to tap into what she might be thinking I asked her,
what do you mean already realizing she must mean the word Sandwich itself.. She then asked, is it made out of sand? I couldn't help myself when I answered, "Yes and Witches too!!" Tori is such a lovely child and I love to watch her experience life through her eyes. Because of her Autism she does odd ball things and one of them that stands out the most is when I got up around three in the morning I had found her in her room and she had emptied the entire dishwasher onto her bed. She had seven settings laid out on her bed with fork, knives, spoons and plates and On each plate she had baby rice cereal and enfamil formula as the main entree!! I cant help but laugh when it comes to Tori because I don't think she knows why she does the things she does half the time. Okay, lets get to my Moon. My fourth daughter we named after her dad who is a boat driver in the Coast Guard.. Her name is Saylor and we call her Moon... Can you guess why? Its because of the huge head she had when she was a baby, it reminded me of the moon. No, that's not why but its funny any way. If you remember the Cartoon Sailor Moon, that's where we got the Moon from and it just kind of stuck because of the huge Saylor is also an interesting child on the Autism Spectrum with developmental delays. She is so funny just like the rest of us but I can see sometimes the little devil come out from behind those big beautiful eyes..
Saylor is so smart despite her delays and has defiantly compensated for them. Saylor is always thinking of how she is going to make you laugh next and one day I had asked her to grab me a soda.. She is so easy and rarely argues but this day she had something up her sleeve. She said, sure and brought me a soda immediately but when I opened it I was not expecting it to explode in my face. I looked over at her and she is giggling to herself. I said to her, did you do that on purpose. and she said yes.. We laughed so hard because that was her first real successful joke she had played on someone.. And of course it had to be me! Saylor is always thinking about what goes on around her as well and when she said this next comment I was intrigued to what really goes on in that little head of hers. I ask my girls to pick up after themselves and it ends up being more of a fight then I would like it to be. I would love if my girls would just help out and pick up the mess they made without me having to remind them contently. Saylor one day decides to tell my oldest daughter that she is not going to help tidy up the living room. When Destiny asked her why, she responded with, " I'm not going to clean until mom and dad start cleaning, too!" I pulled Saylor aside and asked her if she had said this while I am doing the dishes and She, said yes she had said it and when I told her she needed to clean up after herself, she said I don't make the mess and you and dad don't clean up either.. I couldn't believe that my five year old was talking to me like this. Where did she get this attitude from? Not She wasn't trying to be rude when she said it she was just trying to make me see her point but for a five year old to think this way made me laugh. Last but not least is Charlie the baby.. She is also so funny and as I continue telling stories you will see how funny these kids really Charlie has been sick since she was born and we called her our 100,000 dollar baby because that's what it cost in the first few months of her life. She has upper respiratory distress which causes her asthma to act up unexpectedly resulting in a ER visit and stay. Since moving to the East coast she has been 100% better and only 2 visits to the ER in two years. Its been wonderful. Any who Charlie had to have attitude to deal with all of this and she kept it as time went on. The funniest thing I can think of for Charlie is the time she took a bath in Peanut Butter. She had her hair out and it was all frizzy like Einstein and then painted herself from head to toe in peanut butter. I wish I had that picture on this computer because It was so funny. It took me nearly a half hour to scrape the layers of peanut butter off her skin. She also is funny with her comments and just the other day she wanted to share her dads ice cream. She went up to him with her puppy dog eyes and said, Dad! I still haven't told the other girls I'm your favorite. Reminding you that she is only 4, I was flabbergasted at this comment. How does a 4 year old know to say something like that to get her dads ice cream?.. Oh my she is hilarious and there is so much more to come, having five girls is going to be of course a adventure especially in their teenage years but I am looking forward to it and I cant wait to be a part of it all...I hope you all enjoyed meeting my girls and I will be posting more often about the funny things they say and do, so stay tuned....

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  1. Thanks for introducing them--they are a blessing to you and your husband I am sure!