Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Talks To Moon Book Review

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I must first relate this book to myself. Having to move every four years can be hard on myself but especially my kids. Every time we move my girls become a white buffalo, being the new one in school, having no friends and trying to fit in with children who have already created clicks and it has been the hardest obstacle they have had to face in their little lives.
This book shares the story of a young white buffalo who is treated unkind because of his white fur. It tells the tale of how he finds himself by talking to the moon and then finding a young friend much like himself. When this young white buffalo is able to conquer his fears, he finds that he is much more then just white fur, that he is special and being different just means you have more to offer. The story this white buffalo has to tell is a story all kids should hear. Its about accepting and loving even when we fear it and knowing that we are not alone in this huge world.
The author of this book A. Vitaro is also a wonderful addition to the author world. He is the president of Zen by Design and sharing his book with me has been my reward. Its not everyday that we come across people who make a difference for other people wanting nothing in return, but I have been blessed with finding one of those people.
You will not be disappointed with this book and it is definitely a must have to Share with your family. All proceeds sales of this book will also be donated to charitable organizations.

To learn more about this book and purchase it now: Visit http://www.talkstomoon.com by clicking the link.
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